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Tara Napoli Tara Napoli

Tara Napoli is a 500 RYT yoga teacher of ten years. She specializes in hatha and bhakti yoga (of the heart and service,) teaches Power Yoga, Slow Vinyasa Flow, yin yoga (restorative visualization,) and meditation. She is also a Reiki healer, Singer/Songwriter (Kirtan Artist,) and a Wellness Coach. She has been an avid yogini for over ten years and has had the honor to learn from some of the best Yogi's in Southern CA. Her teachers and inspiration have come from Bryan Kest from Power Yoga in Santa Monica, CA, Govindas from Bhakti Yoga Shala in Santa Monica, CA, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Amma (,) Wah!, and many more. She loves to get first-timers hooked on yoga, as to encourage the continuing student to grow within their practice. Tara is the Director of Yoga Blue where she teaches group yoga sessions, private yoga sessions, leads Kirtans and offers Wellness Sessions.

In her youth, she was the number one gymnast in the State of California. After a bad fall, requiring major reconstructive knee surgery, she turned to yoga and was amazed at how quickly she was able to get back to her love of sports. In college, she competed in spring-board diving. After college, she entered the world of film stunts and film stunt coordination. Eventually, Tara's passion turned to helping people re-connect to their body, mind, and soul through the practice and teaching of yoga.

Tara helps her students find their way to their body's awareness through breath and intention. She believes that the true teacher lives within each your body, mind, and soul. Learning to listen to and go follow your internal guidance creates an authentic practice. Tara supports the space for her students to discover what lies beneath the surface of each breath. Her classes are inspiring and intense, and the reward is an overall feeling of balance, strength and flexibility. Students often leave Tara's classes feeling as though they have come home to their bodies, unleashing their creative energies!
Lauren Maher Lauren Maher

Lauren Maher (E-RYT 500, CYT) is a certified yoga instructor and yoga therapist at the highest level through Yoga Alliance. She teaches an eclectic blend of Hatha, Kundalini, Restorative and Yoga Therapy. She began teaching in 2002 and has taught everyone from beginners to seasoned yogis to seniors. Lauren draws from her knowledge of various yoga styles to create a practice that is appropriate for the shifting, daily needs of her students. Her style is gentle and grounding, and focuses on breath awareness, proper and safe alignment in asanas, meditation and visualization.

Lauren is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University's two-year Yoga Therapy RX program, and specializes in teaching yoga to cancer patients during and post treatment.
Erica Majtenyi Erica Majtenyi

Erica Majtenyi stumbled upon her first Vinyasa Flow yoga class in 2004. It was in the final pose of Savasana that she realized this was what had been missing from her life. She could feel the stress in her shoulders actually melt into the floor and out of her body, as well as the always active mind chatter becoming quiet. As she continued her studio and home practice for the next few years, it was at Arizona State University, while completing a Bachelor's degree in theatre, that Erica discovered the benefits of yoga not only in life, but in performance as well. She began leading her fellow theatre students in a yoga practice before each rehearsal and was elated by the positive responses from her peers about yoga's benefits in performance.

In the summer of 2009, Erica fulfilled her desire to share the same stress release and body awareness that she found through her own yoga practice by completing At One Yoga's 200-hour RYT training in Scottsdale, Arizona. She considers herself extremely fortunate to have studied with some remarkable and influential teachers, including Alex Austin, Anton Mackey, Jenn Chiarelli, Cheryl Hall, Gila Shire, John Salisbury, and Johanna Epps.

Erica's classes incorporate the beautiful flow of the vinyasa yoga practice with a fun, upbeat, eclectic selection of music and love of what she does. Her classes will leave you feeling energized and calm at the same time, while increasing your flexibility and strength through powerful and fun sequences. She encourages her students to breathe often, laugh daily, and to follow their dreams whenever possible.
John Mackows John Mackows

John has been practicing yoga and meditation for nine years. Having a diverse background across a broad spectrum of disciplines, John finds meditation to be the unifying and stabilizing force providing equanimity and perspective to all his other activities. John is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, and since leaving active duty in 2005, he has worked as a yoga teacher, a pianist, and an actor. John has taught students of all ages and levels, and enjoys most giving each student the opportunity to develop the tools necessary to achieve his or her personal goals.
Ryan Canfield Ryan Canfield

Ryan's journey of practicing yoga began under the guidance of his wife, Sarah Canfield, in 2001. He considers himself to be ''the slowest yogi ever to wake up'' as he went years practicing with motivation more attuned to being a good husband and attending the ''occasional'' class then investigating deep within. This all changed when by the grace of his teachers the profound effects of the practice became too obvious to ignore. Ryan received his 200 hour Teacher Training through Hot8Yoga in Santa Monica. He now takes great pleasure in sharing this ancient tradition of awakening one's true self to infinite joy.

Ryan's style of teaching is influenced by Tibetan Heart Yoga. Yoga that reunites authentic ancient wisdom teachings with modern asana lineages. The ''inner methods'' (meditation and philosophy) and ''outer methods'' (physical poses and breath work) have been combined for a practice infused with wisdom and compassion.
Lake Sharp Lake Sharp

Lake has practiced several different yoga styles over the last 10 years, but it wasn't until she discovered Anusara yoga that she found confidence—her practice flourished, and she soon began teaching. As an Anusara-inspired teacher, she strives to provide her students with that same confidence regardless of their experience. Her classes focus on form and alignment, from which deep openings and breakthroughs can happen. Her favorite thing is to watch her students surprise themselves by accomplishing once ''impossible'' poses. She is thrilled to continue to deepen her practice as a student and as a teacher.
Victoria Rutledge Victoria Rutledge

Victoria Rutledge has been practicing yoga for several years, most recently the past three years in Los Angeles. Victoria believes in helping her students explore a deeper inner connection through the body and soul. Teaching with compassion, she believes in promoting a non-judgmental, self-awareness that leaves her students feeling energized and focused.
Kristina Serna Kristina Serna

Kristina Serna is a strong believer in teaching from a truthful place that creates a practice accessible to all persons. She intends to share with her students a deep experience of the self by bridging the internal and external to create inner peace. Her classes ignite each student to awaken their spirit through deep breathing, quieting the mind and freely moving the body. Kristina received her BA in Theatre at Arizona State University and her 200 RYT in Sivananda Yoga in Florida. Kristina is also a Performance Artist. She uses her Yoga practice as a foundation to create live art. Kristina believes as an Artist and Being that these experiences and lessons in self-awareness lead us to step into our greatness!
Liana Gannan Liana Gannan

As an avid athlete, Liana found her body routinely getting beat up after triathlons and half marathons. Seven years ago she found yoga, thinking it would help her stretch and recover from her battle wounds. But what Liana didn't realize was that yoga would mean so much more. She fell in love with Vinyasa Flow Yoga in 98 degree rooms, sweating out all of her worries and stress, while gaining different perspectives on how the body can move while still feeling healthy and strong. She started to unlock the physical, mental and spiritual benefits from practicing and feels honored to have the opportunity to share her love and passion of yoga with others. Certified to teach Vinyasa Level 1 & 2, Yoga Sculpt, Kundalini and Yin Yoga to adults and kids, Liana welcomes each and everyone of you to join her in the exploration of what yoga means for you.
Sonya Perry Sonya Perry

Sonya recognized yoga as a gift shared through her teachers. It was with guidance that she learned to just be and experience the hidden nature of her soul - separate from outside influence or noise. Sonya knew she wanted to affect the lives of others in such a way, that they might also be inspired in still moments. Since then yoga has become her way of life. Her personal practice integrates principles of several paths of yoga.

As a certified Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher (RYT), her goal is to provide a safe place to work through the body to develop introspection and expression that inspires change and determination, both in the range of motion of the physical body and within the fluctuations of the mind.

Classes are designed to improve your personal experience of life, to help you discover the balanced connection between your mind, body and true nature. By relaxing the mind and working through the body, we can surrender, trust and discover our innate abilities, separate from whatever is going on in the world outside. The aspiration (desire or motivation) of our breath (life force) moves, grounds, and calms the body, and provides inner strength and determination that gets us through challenging situations.
Ren Yogamaya Ren Yogamaya

Ren Yogamaya, E-RYT 500 is a registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance, a writer and columnist for the Desert Star Weekly and is also the author of the book, Eat By Color: Foods, Colors And The Chakras. She has studied under many masters including, Steven Earth, Yogi Bhajan, Swami Satchidinanda, Swami Anand Tathagat and Drunvalo Melchizedek who imparted to Ren the eastern practices of Kundalini, Integral Hatha, Tantra, Kama Sutra, Tao, Zen, Tibetan Vajrayana and the ancient wisdom of The Flower of Life. Ren is one of a very few Yoga teachers in the world who practices and teaches the Yoga Korunta and is also a natural channel for Universal Source.
Kristen Huffman Kristen Huffman

Kristen's love for Yoga Booty Ballet comes from it's freedom to allow us all to be dancers.
She believes that your workout is your celebration of self. Dance has a unique way of lifting energy, releasing weight, and opening the heart and mind for life. As the French say "It is impossible to be sad when dancing."
To dance, is to celebrate. And celebration is gratitude of life.

Yoga Booty Ballet transforms your workout into your favorite time of day.
Kristen has been teaching Yoga Booty Ballet since 2008.
Kinga Night Kinga Night, PMA - Certified Pilates Mat and Pilates Reformer Instructor

Kinga was born in Budapest, Hungary, and quickly found her passion in sports. At 11 years old she began competing as a rhythmic gymnast internationally. While attending a high school for professional athletes, Kinga also began a career in dance, and held feature roles in numerous theatrical productions, including CATS.

In 1998, now making Pasadena, California her home, she returned to physical fitness. She became a member of AFAA, and taught numerous fitness formats before falling in love with Pilates. Kinga was accepted for the Pilates Certification program at Aline Studios, a studio that specializes in personalized, one-on-one training. She has been teaching Pilates full-time since 2002.

Kinga's Pilate Mat classes emphasize proper breathing and correct body alignment while focusing on purposeful movement patterns increasing your awareness of how your body moves and feels. Quality over quantity of movement prevails, giving you maximum power and efficiency.
Christopher Tucker, LAc Christopher Tucker, LAc

Christopher obtained his degree in Chinese Medicine from Samra University and his Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology from UCLA. He also interned in several hospitals in China where he absorbed the ancient wisdoms associated with Chinese Medicine. This diverse healthcare education unites the empirical with the energetic, allowing a broad, flexible approach to support patients in living a pain-free and healthy lifestyle.

He is also a certified health and fitness instructor with the American College of Sports Medicine. Offering real solutions for exercise and nutrition, he facilities the attainment of his client's lifestyle goals.

He encourages emotional balance and a sense of spiritual wellbeing in his patients; integrating the best of the East and West.

He teaches Qi Gong every Tuesday at Yoga Blue, from 7:30-8:30pm, and can be available for acupuncture by appointment at Yoga Blue.
Dr.Summer Shanfer Dr.Summer Shanfer

My Athletic life began with swimming, and skiing as a child. Modern dance and ballet came in my teenage years, and then Yoga in my twenties.

My interest in understanding the human anatomy led me to pursue a Doctorate of chiropractic degree from Cleveland College of chiropractic in Los Angeles, and to also become an anatomy professor.

I took my first yoga class 16 years ago. The peace and calmness that came over my mind and body by the end of the class, made me fall in love with yoga instantly. Experiencing the healing power of yoga in my own body motivated me to become a yoga instructor in 2007, so, that I could teach it to my patients who felt intimidated to walk into a yoga class. Since then I have come to teach different styles of yoga, such as healing yoga, restorative yoga, dynamic or flow, and prenatal yoga.

I believe my colorful background helps me to incorporate my knowledge and experiences in order to create yoga lessons that are safe and healing.

I feel that enhancing people's lives in organic ways such as yoga in one of my passions in life.
Manny Casstevens Manny Casstevens

Manny Casstevens is a 200 RYT certified yoga instructor and is registered with Yoga Alliance. He began practicing Ashtanga yoga in 2001 in Miami, FL and was certified through It's Yoga Puerto Rico with David Kyle, senior teacher and founder of the Progressive AshtangaYoga Movement:

"Ashtanga yoga became a part of my life over 10 years ago while living in Miami, FL. I began my Ashtanga practice at It's Yoga on South Beach. Since that time, I have maintained a somewhat disconnected relationship with my Ashtanga practice. Between demands from work and moving to Los Angeles, CA, I neglected to commit myself on a daily basis to Ashtanga and to It's Yoga.

I realized that making a passionate commitment to re-engaging my life with Ashtanga was a necessary step. I wanted to make it part of my daily hygiene while sharing the depth of self-realization with others. Ashtanga yoga provides a unique opportunity to connect your body with not only the physical demands of daily practice, but also to enrich one's soul with a shared development of heightened self-awareness and love."
Emill Kim L.Ac Emill Kim L.Ac

Emill's journey began 10 years when he decided in his last year of medical school to drop out and search for happiness. Transitioning from the conventional path, his studies shifted east embracing the practice of traditional Chinese medicine (namely acupuncture and herbs, his family's legacy) and that of hatha yoga. Primarily influenced by the principles of Anusara yoga and his own energetic practice, Emill's teaching style is alignment based with a focus on attitude, form, and breath. His classes emphasize articulation of movement through challenging asanas, driven by the breath, to cultivate visceral connections and awareness that lead to increased flexibility, balance, and strength.

Besides teaching yoga and seeing patients, Emill writes for the yoga health and wellness site (search: Emill Kim). He is now available for acupuncture treatment and consultation at YogaBlue.
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