Level Descriptions

Beginner Classes:- These classes are great for first timers as well as the continual student who wants to focus on alignment and gentle poses.

Levels 1-2 Classes:- These classes are intended for the student who has already done yoga before, and are good for the student who wants to build a solid foundation in their yoga practice; learning alignment, breath (pranayama,) vinyasa sequences, balancing asanas (poses,) inversions, and concentration.

Levels 2-3 Classes:- These classes are for the athletic or advanced student.

All Level Classes:- These classes are for Level 1-3 students, and will include modifications. Also good for the student who wants to build a solid foundation in their yoga practice; learning alignment, breath (pranayama,) vinyasa sequences, balancing asanas (poses,) inversions, and concentration.

Class Descriptions

Yoga Classes
Yoga Flow (All Levels, Levels 1-2, Levels 2-3) A vinyasa based class (connecting breath to movement) that also focuses on strength, balancing, and flexibility.
*The number of vinyasa flow will vary.
Power Yoga (all levels) An athletic vinyasa (connecting breath to movement) based class that also focuses on strength, balancing, and flexibility. This class is great for those who want to break a sweat, while also enjoying the relaxing benefits of winding down into resting poses and inversions.
*The number of vinyasa flow will vary.
Gentle Yoga Flow (Beginners/All levels) A gentle vinyasa based warm-up (connecting breath to movement) begins this class, and asanaa (poses) will focus on strength, balance, and flexibility.
Restorative Yoga
(Beginners/All Levels)
Enjoy diving deep into relaxation with a yoga class that helps quiet the mind. This class helps students open their heart by connecting mind and body, while doing gentle, relaxing poses. Restorative yoga is calming for the central nervous system and focuses on the release of stress and tension buildup.
The Buti Workout
(Levels 1-2)
BUTITM is a high-intensity workout that fuses yoga and dance with circuits of plyometrics and conditioning. Each class is 90 minutes and consists of deep stretching, BUTI shaking and heart-pounding cardio. BUTI dance moves are taken from various styles that focus on an intense shaking of the hips (and BUTI). BUTI is sure to get your energy high and your abs tight!
Yoga Booty Ballet
(Beginners/All Levels)
A fun mixture of yoga and ballet! This class is for anybody who wants to get a great workout, while doing an easy to follow, mixture of dance and yoga, to mainstream music.
*All levels are welcome.
Mat Pilates
(Beginners/All Levels)
A body-conditioning technique designed to stretch, strengthen and balance the body. Pilates targets the deep postural muscles within the body through a series of exercises aimed at building muscle strength and re-balancing the body. Excellent for improving posture, strength and flexibility and aligning the body correctly, Pilates also teaches coordination, concentration and control of the body.
Donation Classes
(Levels 1-2/Levels 2-3)
A challenging class building strength and stamina. The Ashtanga Yoga Korunta, also known as Ashtanga Yoga Chikitsa (Primary Series) is the foundation, the source of the Hatha, Ashtanga, Anasura methods. Grow to your next level as a Yoga student or Teacher.
*Level 1-2 is a challenging Introduction to the Ashtanga Primary series.
*Level 2-3 differs from Level 1-2 in so that you build to the knowledge and practice of the 66 postures of the Primary Series. Recommended for athletic students and experienced yogi's and yogini's.
Meditation *Donation Class
(Beginners/All Levels)
Awake to a 25 minute meditation and learn how to harness your awareness.
Kirtan & Meditation
*Donation Class
(All Ages/All Levels)
Kirtan is "yoga of the voice," and is a call and response format where the student learns ancient sankrit mantras that originated in India. It is a liberating experience as one repeats chants that embody qualities of peace, freedom, love, joy, strength, clarity, and more!
Qigong *Donation Class
(Beginners/All Levels)
Qigong is used to increase awareness of energy within our bodies and regulate its circulation. Qigong uses a combination of gentle movements and repetitive slow breath techniques. From a philosophical perspective, qigong is believed to help develop human potential, allow access to higher realms of awareness, and awaken one's "true nature."
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